A centralized, stabilized and risk-adjusted terminal for capital providers and finance seekers has been a missing piece of the equation to a closer and more connected world, creating jobs, improving our way of living, and advancing our world into a future with growing relations and collaboration across countries, companies, and financiers. Globe Merchant Exchange is the first and only centralized and risk-adjusted terminal for capital providers making it safe, secure, and reliable to invest, lend and finance projects across the entire globe. Without the concern of security breach, authentication processes, or loss of capital, Globe Merchant Exchange is the one-stop solution for capital providers looking to expand their exposure safely across emerging markets and support growth and prosperity. With a focus on expanding cross-border investments including trade finance, asset finance, and commercial finance, the terminal is aimed at connecting international companies operating within the global supply chain, with available capital for a better and more connected world.

Type 1 user
Investors, banks and institutional investors 

The terminal provides a one-stop solution for verified investors, banks, and institutional investors (type 1 users) who are looking to invest in projects across the world. Type 1 users gain access to a centralized exchange and marketplace where companies post projects/finance requests, which gives the financier an edge concerning the allocation of funds to alternative investments. The project/finance requests are overseen, vetted, and quality controlled by the terminal and the team behind Globe Merchant Exchange. Type 1 users will through the terminal be able to review, offer/counter and invest in projects that are available in the terminal and keep track of their historical investments within their portfolio. A type 1 user will be able to offer against other financiers on a project, where they can either improve on the interest rate or terms. Type 1 users will be able to see the different offers on a project, but not who has offered, to ensure security while maintaining transparency.

Type 2 user
Companies and finance seekers 

The terminal provides a one-stop solution for companies seeking finance (type 2 users) to back their trades, asset acquisitions, and commercial/operational expenses. The terminal simplifies the loan acquiring process and optimizes the loan terms and capital availability for almost any company. While the registration process to access the platform, requires a necessary amount of documentation from the company, it will make it easier, faster, and cheaper for companies to require finance in the future, as their profiles will be shown as lender profiles for financiers, that will eliminate much of the approval process and let financiers determine creditworthiness and offer on projects within minutes. When the type 2 users create a finance application and publish it into the exchange, it will be available for type 1 users to offer on. The process is easy, fast, highly secured, and gives the type 2 user access to capital providers throughout the world having a much larger chance to get the project realized to the best terms and interest rate possible. By refining and building upon the tested traditional approach to financing, the terminal supports new projects and makes sure that the finance seeker receives as many financing options as possible. By getting a finance project/request out to several interested financiers at once, it ensures that the final terms and interest rate is the best obtainable amongst financiers, which gives the company confidence in their choice of finance and the potential to ultimately save millions over time.


The exchange is the nerve of the terminal which gathers all data and projects to construct a centralized transferring system, allowing type 1 users and type 2 users to interact by publishing, reviewing, and offering on projects. 

The type 1 user will have an overview of three main fields including asset finance, trade finance, and commercial finance. The exchange module consists of 3 areas including the exchange, current offers, and ongoing projects. The exchange includes various filtration fields giving the type 1 user an advanced first-hand overview of the projects/finance requests which has been listed. The advanced filtration fields allow type 1 users to navigate through projects within the exchange and structure the risk profile of the user to only display projects that fit their appetite and execute commands in a safe, fast, and secure manner.

The type 1 user will also be able to view the current pending offers on which the user has placed a bid. If the bid has been declined the user will have 24 hours or a number of hours that are left for open offers to re-offer before the offer disappears and end up in the offer history. The type 1 user can re-offer on a project and see the details of the project by clicking on the ‘pending’ button in case of offer has not been declined or approved, see the approved offer by clicking on the ‘approved’ button or re-offer in case of the offer being declined by clicking on the ‘declined’ button. The type 1 user has an overview of current and ongoing projects which has not yet been offered but are still being reviewed by the advisor appointed and the type 1 user. Here the type 1 user has an overview of the project and whether any action is required. To see more details the type 1 user can see the details by pushing the ‘case’ button on the right side.


The portfolio page gives the type 1 user a clear overview of active and historic investments with complete finance and investment metrics showcased under every project. The type 1 user can use the advanced filtering system to search for specific investments within a set period, financing category, risk, and amount. The portfolio interacts directly with the exchange and the Cross-Border Grid (CBG) securing the individual user’s positions in the portfolio and governed by a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) within the organization of the user. Every sub-user within the organization is linked to a block (organization-ID) which is dedicated to the specific organization and has various roles set for the sub-users (User ID), to ensure structure and a quality environment within every organization.

Creating a finance application

The finance application on Globe Merchant Exchange provides finance seekers with the easiest, most transparent, the only way to let lenders compete on financing projects.

Type 2 users can through the finance application, create new projects and apply for finance by filling out the digital application form and provide requested details. Given that the type 2 user already has provided much of the information in the registration process, the only additional documents/information that is mandatory to prepare is an updated financial statement, name and address of any other parties involved in the project, and a clear description of the project. The more documentation/information a type 2 user provides, the higher the chances of receiving a good finance offer. The type 2 user can limit the documents visible to the financiers on the exchange and mark documents ‘upon request’. We encourage users to share as much as possible from publishing the finance application, as our internal ranking system factors in the transparency and completeness of the application. Every financier on the terminal is subject to strict rules, that allow them only to use your documentation/information for verification and due diligence procedure. 

Type 2 users can restrict their application, to be visible only for your preferred financiers or published to the whole exchange. They can create groups of financiers that they have established relations to and post projects for this exclusive group only. The financiers will only be able to see that they are in the exclusive group but will not be able to see the other members.







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