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Globe Merchant Exchange is a terminal that centralizes global cross-border capital in a risk-adjusted terminal, providing a safe, secure, and fast terminal for advanced investments, benefitting capital providers and companies in need of capital.

Globe Merchant Exchange is designed and created to connect capital and projects throughout the world, with no cross-border limitations, as the centralized terminal makes it possible for users to share information and work together via a standardized investment model, called the Cross-Border Grid (CBG), connecting projects and capital in one terminal. Globe Merchant Exchange will simplify, standardize and optimize international and national business finance, for the benefit of financiers, companies, and countries.

Globe Merchant is supported and powered by OceanEXL, EXL Company and the founders Jesper Uhre Espensen and Parham Zamani together with a visionary and determined team, daring to challenge the status quo, we are working towards a goal of revolutionizing the global supply chain. 

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