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First-class intelligence supporting decision-makers on a safe exchange for alternative investments and finance

Global Finance Exchange

One terminal that connects companies, financiers and investors all over the world. 

Secured Terminal

Fully secured terminal, that combines the latest cybersecurity, fault-tolerant systems, and PKI integration.

Loan Profile

Through an easy but extensive registration process, a user creates generic loan/user profiles that make financing faster and easier.

International Financiers

Financiers and investors will increase their visibility of opportunities and enjoy healthier returns from emerging markets.

Globe Merchant Exchange for

Financiers and investors

The terminal is centralized around the exchange module where financiers/capital providers have an overview of all available projects with essential data and information to examine and offer on any project.

Globe Merchant Exchange for

Finance seekers

Finance seekers can via the terminal gain access to a large list of capital providers by creating new finance projects which will be accessible to capital providers/financiers to offer on.

The Globe Merchant Exchange

Globe Merchant Exchange is a terminal that centralizes global cross-border capital in a risk-adjusted terminal, providing a safe, secure, and fast terminal for advanced investments, benefitting capital providers and companies in need of capital. 

Globe Merchant Exchange is designed and created to connect capital and projects throughout the world, with no cross-border limitations, as the centralized terminal makes it possible for users to share information and work together via a standardized investment model, called the Cross-Border Grid (CBG), connecting projects and capital in one terminal. Globe Merchant Exchange will simplify, standardize and optimize international and national business finance, for the benefit of financiers, companies, and countries.

The exchange is the nerve of the terminal which gathers all data and projects to construct a centralized transferring system, allowing type 1 users and type 2 users to interact by publishing, reviewing, and offering on projects.

The type 1 user will have an overview of three main fields including asset finance, trade finance, and commercial finance. The exchange module consists of 3 areas including the exchange, current offers, and ongoing projects. The exchange includes various filtration fields giving the type 1 user an advanced first-hand overview of the projects/finance requests which has been listed. The advanced filtration fields allow type 1 users to navigate through projects within the exchange and structure the risk profile of the user to only display projects that fit their appetite and execute commands in a safe, fast, and secure manner.

Trade Finance

Trading companies contribute as one of the core elements of the global supply chain and economy today. While a lot of the trades are done by big multinational companies, SMEs still hold a significant size of the market, and many believe they will continue to do so. SMEs can be old established companies, but there is also a lot of newly established traders by industry veterans and others, that have found a niche trade they can benefit from. It can be hard for a new trader to find trade finance; our terminal makes it easier for the trader to find a financier based on their risk level that can help him/her to conclude their first trade and expand their business.

The trade finance module includes projects for trading such as finance for commodities, products, and goods. The type 1 user can review and invest in projects which have been posted by the type 2 user and vetted by the system. The trade finance category is being recognized as ultra-short or short-term financing with projects that vary in length from hours to weeks/months.

Asset Finance

Each finance type has a specific model which has been developed to match the complexity and scale of the project.

Financing of assets is critical for any business and its maintenance, expansion, or survival. While many companies have established reliable banking relations for the financing of their hard assets, some still struggle to find the capital to grow their business. Our terminal makes it possible for any company with a plan and a realistic idea to find a good finance partner.

The asset finance module includes projects for hard assets such as commercial vessels and infrastructure projects. The type 1 user can review and invest in projects which have been posted by the type 2 user and vetted by the system. The asset finance category is being recognized as a medium to long-term financing with projects that vary in period depending on the terms of the financier.

Commercial Finance

Commercial finance or operational finance consists of a long list of duties that a company can have difficulty paying, but with expected cash flow, would be able to pay later. To not slow the business activities down, it can sometimes make more sense to find capital from a financier, to pay back later. 

The commercial finance module includes projects for commercial matters such as expansion plans, spare parts, or inventory purchases. The type 1 user can review and invest in projects which have been posted by the type 2 user through our standardized finance application system. The commercial finance category is being recognized as short to long-term financing with projects that vary in length from months to years.


A centralized terminal that allows a broader investment outlook for capital providers and easier, faster, and more secure access to capital for companies and projects.


Our financial framework and trading technology are built for a high activity environment without losing any data or being at risk for security breaches.


Multinational companies have a rejection rate on finance requests of 17% while on the other hand, SMEs have a rejection rate of 45% globally.







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